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Last update Monday 28th October 2002 - GeMS gone Live

All entries now have to go through either NES or CHIEF.

If you are using a CRN you still have 14 days to complete these entries.

Act now for a GeMS install to ensure you meet these requirements.

Freight Forwarders are now realising that this system cannot be delayed and are requesting more and more urgent bookings.
Dont Delay.

Are You Ready?

The New Export System will soon be implemented across the airfreight community, and as of 28th October you can start to process your export entries in this manner. By the end of the 1st quarter this will not be an option and all pre entries must be completed through NES.

To ensure your company is not left behind you must start the process of integrating your company procedures with the New Export System now. RW Communications are ASM installers and as such are pleased to introduce to you the new ASM GeMS system.

GeMS:NES represents phase 1 of the latest suite of products from ASM. It fulfils all the requirements of the New Export System, giving Forwarders and Exporters alike the ability to submit the full range of NES Customs declarations, under normal and simplified procedures, electronically. It helps you meet the NES requirements on time as it integrates volume ll of the HM Customs Tariff to validate the information you input before it is sent to Customs - this data is updated monthly to provide a resource as accurate as CHIEF itself. It produces plain-paper SAD copy 3 documents and entry acceptance advice reports where necessary. This is all backed up by ASM's widely-respected 24 hour Help Desk, at no extra cost.

As ASM installers with years of installation experience we are well placed to ensure that the new ASM GeMS system is correctly installed, configured and as network specialists can supply any additional hardware required.

To find out more information and as part of our commitment to service we have collated all required documentation (such as Customs Applications Forms), links and useful contacts on one website.

What you need to do now

BEFORE you can do ANYTHING you have to get NES Authorisation from HMC&E.

These are the application forms below, click to download. You will require Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. This is a free download here.

Customs Application Form Customs Application Form cont.

Once this is filled in and sent back, it will take approx 1 2 weeks to get authorised.

Once authorised, you will need your system checked by RW Communications Ltd. Please call or email to arrange a time for us to visit.
Consultation FREE if RW Communications return to install the new GeMS system.

If you wish to use ASM as the interface to access NES you will need to get the new software from ASM called GeMS. GeMs is Free from ASM (For existing users only) but you will have to get a contract from CCS-UK.

You will also need to subscribe to CCS-UK (joining fee of 600 per customer location covers you until March 2004 Annual fee of 400 thereafter. This is for existing users).

Once Approved by HMC&E, and you have the CCS-UK contract in place, we can give you an installation date for installing the new software.



Hardware spec (Word format)

Customs PDF
Customs Application Form
Customs Application Form cont.
Request for Web Demo Facility
Request for Chief Access
  Download PDF Reader
Web Channel Facility Info
Web Channel User Guide

Contact RW Communications

Email us for more info
RW Communications Vcard
  Tel: 01895 825 825


ASM Website

HM Customs & Excise
Equifax Digital Signatures
Customs Web Based NES Demo
Microsoft Digital Signature Patch

If you are unsure of what you need, RW Communications can take care of the whole process for you.

Click here to submit
your details to us

This site is constantly being updated so come back often to ensure you have all the latest information.


Information about the web based NES system and digital signatures

In order to use the customs online NES entry system a digital signature is required. A digital certificate is an encoded statement about your company,signed by a third party, that is stored in a computer in your office. It is to ensure that any sensitive procedures you do over the Internet, such as the NES web based system, are kept secure, and specific to your company only.

This needs to be obtained from Equifax Secure

The certificate you need is the second one down on this page. The application process can all be done online but the nature of how digital signatures work means that the computer you use to apply will be the one that will ultimately own the signature. Signatures will be approved within 48 hours of application and may require a signed fax from an MD or manager in the company.

The cost of the signature is £25.00 +VAT per year and is only for one individual in a company, however the signature can be exported and installed on other machines if the original owner accepts responsibility.

You can find out more information on the web based system by downloading the following documents:

Web Channel Facility Info
Web Channel User Guide

Whilst applying for the Equifax Digital Signature you should also apply for the Online Chief Access. You have two options, either apply for access to the full live version, or if you would like to see the system in action without actually sending live information you can apply for the Demo version.

Both documents are available from our download section above, under Request For Chief Access or Request for Web Demo Facility.

If you require further assistance in the setup of this facility you may contact our support desk on our premium rate number 0901 561 1151
(calls are charged at 60p/min)

For more information on the new system please contact RW Communications Ltd on 01895 825 825 or by email at